Even in the harshest of conditions, we can make your video better!

Pixon Imaging Technology

The Pixon method was the underpinning technology for Pixon Imaging's products. Designed initially for demanding applications in astronomical imaging, the Pixon method removes the blurring effects of the atmosphere — even of the imaging instrument itself — in order to reveal image detail and contrast otherwise unavailable in the raw data. At the same time, the Pixon method completely removes obscuring noise, all without generating confusing artifacts. The result is a processed image with detail, clarity, and contrast that approximates reality with the highest confidence that the data will allow.

Pixon Imaging is able to achieve:

  • Highest performance deblurring method ever developed
  • Factor of 4 or more resolution improvement
  • See below diffraction limit
  • Remove atmospheric blurring
  • Identify and remove random noise (10x or more)
  • Full Pixon method: highest performance
  • Quick Pixon's approach: very fast
  • Both methods and many others patented and implemented in hardware.

Pixon Imaging technology is based on the following:

Mathematical proof (1960s): For noisy data the best estimate of the underlying truth is the minimum complexity model. In short: The underlying truth is the simplest & best explanation of the data.

Second mathematical proof: Combinatorically complex. The computational time for even a modest problem exceeds the age of the Universe.

Unanticipated Approach: Pixon's approach uses innovative iterative scheme to rapidly converge toward the solution, gets within 99.9% of the correct answer, then stops. Avoids the non-productive, time-consuming rest of the solution.

How can minimum complexity help images?

  • Insight: For images, minimum complexity means the smoothest, most featureless image that fits the data.
  • Surprise: This is also key to fast calculations.
  • Shorter Search: Fewer simple models than complex ones.
    • Easy Guess Generation: Smoothing decreases complexity.

What are the benefits?

  • Smoother images have less false features (artifacts).
  • Fewer artifacts increase sensitivity & resolution.
  • Absence of artifacts makes method most reliable.
  • Computationally faster than competing methods.
  • Because searching only simplest models, the Pixon method is already orders of magnitude faster in software than competitors.
  • Image improved to theoretical limit of what's possible.
  • Complete capture of all of image information content.
  • Greatly improved image understanding for rapid decision making.
Raw, unprocessed photo
Pixon processed photo brings
out the details needed.

Information– and physics–based modeling is the heart and soul of Pixon IP. The Pixon Imaging technology includes the world's best information based model for identifying essential image information and cleanly separating it from noise and artifacts.

This fundamental process of removing the "chaff from the grain" is what gives the Pixon Imaging technology its unparalleled capability for increasing detectability and resolution. Developed for astronomy, the Pixon method has been used to obtain not only the most sensitive, highest resolution telescopic images, but also the highest resolution microscopic images in the world.

Applying these principles to video imaging in real time we are able to solve many reduced visibility problems such as mist, smoke, dust, snow, rain humidity and haze

  • Low Light Surveillance
  • Day & Night Surveillance
  • IR Images Enhancement
  • Noise Reduction for Thermo/Intensified Imaging


  • Fog, Mist, and Haze
  • Rain and Snow
  • Smoke and Dust
  • Low Light
  • Thermal/IR
  • Heat Haze/Shimmer
  • Murky Water

Pixon's precision quality enhancement method is the world's best information-based model for identifying essential image information and cleanly separating it from noise and artifacts, all in real time.

Smokey conditions              After Pixon Imaging