Yasunori Nobutoki


For over twenty years, Mr. Nobutoki was the Assistant General Manager for Japan, Korea and Micronesia for Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques (SITA), a non-profit entity providing communications services to the aviation industry all over the world. Mr. Nobutoki, a radio communications engineer by background, worked with various government departments and ministries to get SITA licensed and negotiated operational arrangements with KDD, the monopoly telecommunication carrier at that time. Mr. Nobutoki also established SITA AIRCOM in Korea and Guam. Mr. Nobutoki has also been closely involved in the Japanese Government for many years as Secretary or First Secretary to various government ministers and parliamentary committees. He was also secretary to a former Prime Minister, Mr. Nobusuke Kishi (1957-1960). Since 2000, Mr. Nobutoki has been involved in various communications and technology companies, including Senoir Advisor to Grade-One Co. Ltd, Senior Advisor to Dot One Co., Ltd, Chairman of TERRA Corporation, CEO and Chairman of Techno Wing Corp., CEO of J. Bridge Corp., Chief Auditor for Global Web Japan Inc., and President and CEO of QoS Network Services Japan Limited.